Krystal Zima Samoyeds – Puppy Questionnaire

We do not currently have puppies available but are planning to breed again in the Fall of 2019. If you would like to start a dialogue and be placed on our contact list for our next litter, please send an email with answers to ALL of the below questions. This is not a “waiting list” per se, but a list of interested people who we will contact once pregnancy is confirmed. There will not be a numerically ranked list and any placements will be determined by a number of factors.

This questionnaire has multiple purposes. First and foremost, it is the first step in my getting to know you to determine if your home will be a good fit for one of our puppies. My top priority is to place each pup with the best family for them. Second, knowing about your family and your lifestyle will help me to pair the right puppy for your family.

Please keep in mind; this is NOT a first come first served arrangement. I have the right to refuse to place a puppy with anyone I choose, for any reason I see fit. The pups are my first priority. If you are serious about wanting a puppy, I recommend you fill out the questionnaire honestly, and with as much detail as possible. I am not trying to be nosy about your life. I am trying to ensure my pups will go to the best home possible for them.

Please email questionnaire to:

(the email is not "clickable". Please type it into your email address field)

  • Full Name

  • Full address

  • Email address

  • Phone Numbers (Best number to call and Alternate number)

  • Best Time to call

  • Members of Household

  • What is your personal experience with dogs?

  • Have you ever had a Samoyed before? If yes, how many and when?

  • If no, why do you want a Samoyed?

  • Have you done any research on the Samoyed breed and dog ownership and care in general?

  • Are you aware of the grooming and other special needs of a Samoyed?

  • What timeframe are you hoping to have a puppy join your family.

  • Do you have a preference for male or female?

  • Are you interested in a pet/companion, show or performance dog?

  • Do you have any other pets in your household?

  • Do you have children?

  • Have you talked about getting a puppy with the rest of your household?

  • Who is going to be in charge of dog training and discipline?

  • What are your thoughts on crate training?

  • Do you own or rent a home?

  • How many hours a day is everyone gone from home?

  • What is your plan for puppy care mid-day if everyone is gone from home for more than 5 hours per day?

  • Where will the puppy stay when you are not at home?

  • Where will the puppy sleep at night?

  • What type of daily interaction do you foresee between yourself, your family, and your puppy? Do you consider your family "couch potatoes," "active and outdoorsy" or somewhere in the middle?

  • Will you take your puppy to obedience training classes?

  • Can you make a commitment to this dog for its entire lifetime (12-16 years)?

  • How did you hear about Krystal Zima Samoyeds?

  • If you have a current or previous vet, please provide time frame and contact details.